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How do I get started with Particip8?

If you want to sign up for our Basic package you can “Start Listing” on the Pricing page of our website.  If you are interested in either the Essential, Agent Pro or Unlimited package you should either call us at 855-537-7325 or setup a time for us to call you at https://calendly.com/p8realty

How do I get photos of my home?

If you sign up for the Essential, Agent Pro or Unlimited package we will be scheduling a professional photographer to come to your home to take photos.  With our Basic package you are providing the photos and can email us either a Dropbox or Google Drive link to photos@p8realty.com

Does it cost extra to be in the MLS?

No.  Particip8 does not charge extra for your home to be listed in the MLS. Though you will have to offer a Broker’s Agent Commission for any agent/broker that represents a buyer wanting to purchase your home.

Do I have to pay a Broker’s Agent Commission?

When you choose to list with Particip8, you are choosing to list your house in the MLS (Multiple Listing Service).  The rules of the MLS state that the Broker/Seller must offer a Buyer’s Agent Commission. As the seller you can decide what you want Particip8 to offer to the other agents.  In Massachusetts we find that typically this fee is 2.5%.

What is included in the Basic Package?

What I love about our packages is that we have no hidden fees and do not impose artificial restrictions to have you pay more money.  The MLS allows 30 photos per property. You provide us with the photo and copy and important details about your home. We upload this information to the MLS which puts your property on Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com, Redfin and 1000’s of other websites.  In addition, you can use our showing scheduling app so agents book their appointments with you through this service.

How long is the listing agreement?

We typically make it 3 months but you have the option to choose 3, 6, or 9 months.

Are there any hidden fees?

No, you get exactly what’s in the package listed on the website.  We do not impose unnecessary restrictions. You can choose the term of your listing period, we default to 3 months, but you can choose longer.  You can provide the maximum number of photos allowed in the MLS (30).

Do you provide open house signs?

When our agents conduct the open houses they will use Particip8 open house signs.  If you chose the Basic package we would direct you to Amazon, Lowe’s or Home Depot for the signs.

What’s involved with the Essential Package?

We think this is our best value package.  We provide professional photos, one agent hosted open house and we help you through the entire selling process and negotiation over the phone.

It’s $499 upfront and $1,000 at closing.

Can I cancel early?

On our Basic package, you can cancel anytime.

What’s the main difference between Agent Pro and Unlimited?

Unlimited has a tailored marketing plan for your home that includes custom brochures, mailings and home specific advertising.  This plan is really for the client that wants that extra boost for their property.

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Do you work with buyers or only sellers?

We do work with many buyers and are happy to help you find your next home.


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