The Customer is Always Right

by | Jan 3, 2019

Were you in business 20,30,40 years ago?

So many of the small business owners lived by the adage “The customer is always right.”

At Particip8 the customer is always right. We will always do our best to delight and deliver to our clients. I don’t expect we will hit the mark 100% of the time, but we will certainly do everything we can to deliver and delight. The real estate business is very different from retail (We aren’t shipping shoes for overnight delivery with free returns, by the way I do love Zappos and admire them greatly).

We are helping people through selling or buying a home. Selling a home can be difficult. A house is our memories, it’s our pride and joy.  It’s human nature to love and value our stuff more than others do. Helping sellers price their homes correctly can be the most difficult part of selling a home.

This is certainly a place where despite our advice the customer is always right. We will give you our honest feedback but ultimately you will decide what’s right for you.

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